The Jeep of Adventures came back to Life

Ciao Bella/o,

I’m back after a long break to bug all of you with my little adventures.

Not to make anyone jealous but it’s night, the wind has halted to let the emptiness in front of my eyes whisper through its waves. I can count the waves and still hear soft jazz music at the back and a little candle is giving me enough light to make me write.

Ops…I forgot a detail…not a major one…I just happen to be in GOA!!! Yahoo!!! 😉 !!!!!….Jealous now??

If any of you is in GOA don’t be asses, let me know ;-)…my number is 9811383897

(Good luck, it’s a long one) ;-)…enjoy

It all started last Tuesday, 12 Dec, when I decided to go to Almora (a town 400 km from Delhi situated on the Himalayas) to pick up my jeep. I started asking people if they wanted to come , but all were busy, so I decided to pop into Karan Mathur’s room:
“Do you want to come to Almora?”
“We leave tomorrow”
“We’ll go by train and come back by jeep”
“See you tomorrow”
“See you”

That was it, a minute conversation and the plan was made.

We left the next day, without any trouble :-?…sure :-)…I saw on internet that the train would leave at 9:55 pm. It was 8 pm, we had no tickets, we were in college and we had no tickets…which is when I realized that I left my bag at a shop 10 minutes away…FUCK!!! Pack
Mathur’s bag…run to the shop…take an auto to my house…pack…take the same auto to the station…stand in the LONG queue for the unreserved tickets…Wow what a run!!!…BUT, we were on the platform by 9:45.

Waiting…Waiting…the train arrives at 10:20 which is when I realized that the train leaves Delhi Sarairohilla  (the station of origin) at (:55 where as it leaves Delhi Station at 10:40 😉

While in the train a drunk policemen comes “Show me you identity cards”, he was dressed as a civilian so we asked him to show us that he was a policemen. Later on we asked him why did he check us…just imagine ;-)…he found Karan Mathur dangerous looking (you need to know
Mathur to get this one)…That was it, it was it…I did not stop laughing for 10minutes.

The next day we picked up the car and on Thursday we left at 5 am to drive back to Delhi. We did not know how long of a day was waiting for us. When we got up I felt a lot of gas in the stomach and my burps and farts had a strange taste and smell respectively 😉 We were on our
way,  just 15 km from departure, when I felt like vomiting. I asked Mathur to stop and I forced myself to vomit…wow…really a lot came out. Few km ahead and it was loose motion’s turn ;-). I had some water and went off to sleep at the back.

I was feeling so sick and so shity that I can only leave ur imagination to imagine.

This time more than a few km ahead, near Bhowali, I suddenly woke up and asked Mathur to stop at the first hotel on the road. Now, I don’t know if it was my luck or un-luck, but the first hotel into which Mathur drove in had to be the most expensive in a 100 km radius. I got off the car and I was standing on the parking lot, while Karan was parking, when mi eyesight started fading out…light in my eyes reduced and it reached a pointing which I could not see. I was blind. I tried to stay up, I did not want to faint. I stood next to a car but my body
started giving up, so I sat down, in the middle of the parking lot, closed my eyes and started opening them again, slowly, slowly. I was blind for 30 sec. 😉

I must say that the hotel people were very nice, they gave me a bed in their massage room (for free). They called a doctor (not for free) and I stayed there for 4 hours.

We somehow reached Delhi the same night at 10pm, Mathur was great, he drove all the way. I’m emphasizing on the SOMEHOW, coz trust me, I really mean it.

Let us skip a day…I sent my bike on the train to Goa and I left for Mumbai the same day, college over baby (for this term at least)!!!  On Tuesday, 19th Dec, I picked up to cousins of mine (Luca and Andrea) from the airport. We left for Goa the same day. On the plane, as usual, they gave a snack in which there was a small portion of Pulao (rice with vegetables) and a green chilly on top for decoration. Now, Andrea decided to eat what he toughed was a bean. After 10 sec he tells me “you know, Indian beans are really spicy” and few more
seconds later smoke was coming out of his mouth. 😉

The Goa adventures…they are a little to personal and this mail is going to everyone, so some secrets should be kept.

Thanks for reading the whole mail

Lots of love ,


Nov 2006

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