The Nomad

Traveling is a passion with me; it provides him with the opportunity to interact with people from across the world, understand their culture/value and learn from them. I’ve traveled extensively across Europe, Middle East and Asia and have lived many years in Italy and India.

Living in these two countries has given me the possibility to assimilate both the European and Asian cultures and benefit from them. I can easily interact with local communities and contribute to building bridges. This passion has also led me to work as a Tourist-Cultural Guide and to provide field research assistance for foreign groups coming to India. I take interest in team work, project formulation, conflict resolution, counseling, cross-cultural communication/negotiation and interpretation (Italian-English-Hindi)…. and I really like to observe and learn from the people i meet.

This is blog narrates my experiences, my thoughts as I walk along my path…. my name is Fausto Aarya De Santis, born on the 22nd of April 1987 from an Indian mother and an Italian father.


One Response to The Nomad

  1. Yuvana Singh says:

    I am left impressed and with a sense of having eaten a sophisticated philosophical supper. A wonderful arrangement of words I’ll be sure to share with friends.

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