Intellectual Rocks

In your desire to understand the right,

you relate to the harmonious inside.

From words of others you apprehend their wisdom,

from its comprehension you make our kingdom

You learn to fight, you learn to defend,

you like to believe that is your only real strength.


I Ask,

Why this loudness and the closeness inside,

why this desire to prove i’m not right?


Dialogue with me, don’t debate

let me learn from your learned plate

I’m not here to deny every word from you,

I’m just in search for the union of the two.

Don’t let the rocks of your intellectual majesty,

crush this tender flower of humility.


I Ask,

Why defend and not share,

what is knowledge without care?


The journey of the curious ignorant is mine,

I have no answers, is that my crime?

In conflict we grow, in violence we deny,

let us give difference, at least a try

Games of the mind are of such trick,

the more close, the more thick.


I Ask,

Invite me to walk a few steps with you,

why not nourish our two points of view?

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